Posted by: atowhee | August 30, 2016


Here’s yesterday’s Great Gray Owl report from Mel Clements down in Jackson County: “I wanted to share this afternoon’s Great Gray Owl. This beautiful bird was sleeping about 30 feet from the road, when I spotted him in the trees. He was looking at me as I drove past. He was nearly a quarter of a mile from the nearest meadow. I was able to stop my car (down the road), assemble my tripod and camera, then walk the road back to him. I actually had to wait nearly 15 minutes before he again woke briefly, looked around and went back to sleep.

 “As I watched through my telephoto lens the wasps were swarming around him as much as they were me. That didn’t seem to phase him a bit.
“His body was pretty much facing the afternoon sun (which was behind me) but he slept with his head turned away from the sun. He would wake about every 10 minutes look around briefly and fall back to sleep.
 “After getting several photographs in the “changing light”, I left him sleeping and quietly moved away.”
Photo by Mel:MEL GGO-AUG29




  1. Very interesting. Snoozing, not hunting so no need for a meadow. BUT NO PHOTO appears. I would like to see it as Mel is such a great photographer. I saw the owl at Two Pine on Thursday. The Kreismans saw him there this weekend. Peter got a great pileated photo. I will send it to you.

    m a

    • Marieannette I am sorry the photo does not appear for you. I do believe this owl to be the Two Pines GGO because of size, coloration and location. Please feel free to drop in on my facebook page, I have the GGO photo posted there and other GGOs. If you are not on facebook, I would be happy to e-mail you the photo. I can be reached at ~Mel Clements

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