Posted by: atowhee | August 23, 2016


Here’s a note from Jim Hardman on his excursion recently to the Ashland area, in search of the Great Gray Owl: “Harry, Drove down to Howard prairie lake sunday afternoon and camped for the night. Went out monday morning and Found this guy at Two Pines meadow – He was back in the woods and up in a tree about 120 ft.  Too far up to get a detailed photo but I’m happy for the experience and and a chance to see this magnificent creature.  Heard him calling and then it took about a half hour to locate him and a while longer to find a hole through the limbs and foliage for a view.”

Here’s Jim’s picture:HARD-GGO

If you’re interested in knowing more about this owl in Oregon and neighboring states, here’s a link to information on my book about our Pacific Slope Great Gray Owls.

It is likely there are more Great Gray Owls in Jackson County, Oregon, than in all of California where they are on the state’s endangered species list.

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