Posted by: atowhee | August 19, 2016


komorebiHere it is, Wennerberg Park’s own exemplary komorebi.  That’s a marvelous Japanese word for “sunlight filtered through leaves.”  In this particular case, bigleaf maple leaves.

I guess the Northern European origins and cultural context of English would make it highly unlikely something like sunlight filtered through leaves would warrant its own special term.  It has no trade, political or economic value.  Totally worthless on the battle field.  And our Saxon and Celtic linguistic forebears spent much of their time in places with little sunlight anyway.  Just like we had to borrow words for umbrella, monsoon, spaghetti and other unfamiliar (at one time) things, so we should avail ourselves of komorebi.  This time of year it’s abundant if you stop and look up toward where the Wood-Pewees hang out.

Think how many English words we have for “kill” or “eat.”  That’s your practical world view.

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