Posted by: atowhee | August 18, 2016


Many songbirds become quiet during the hottest part of summer.  The small flock of House Sparrows around our house do speak to one another in their flat cheeping language.  But the local Robins, House Finches, Juncos and Starlings are not often heard from. Back when the Starlings were nesting at our house six weeks ago they were singing, calling, fussing noisily.  After the young fledged, the quiet was noticeable. The Black-capped Chickadees do keep in touch by peeping back and forth.  Scrub-Jays, of course, continue their roles the town crier–alarms, food announcement, various news updates come at irregular intervals.    The Collared-Doves never seem to stop their moaning.

Now the nuthatches are among our most outspoken visitors.

Yesterday at Wennerberg Park the local White-breasted Nuthatch could be heard honking up in the Doug-firs as soon as we got out of our car.   And daily the Red-breasted Nuthatches in our garden can be heard.  Today a trio showed up, one adult and two juveniles.  The adult ferried food from our feeders to the anxious young.  The young begged with a soft twittering series of calls and wings a-flutter.  Even while mbeing fed the wing vibration continues, more than one flutter per second it seems.  Sometimes the adult arrives with food and begins to match the wing flutter of the youngster until the food is delivered, beak to beak.

Yesterday a single adult nuthatch came down into the garden and hunted on the folded, deeply cleft bark of our largest dawn redwood tree.  This group of nuthatches has become so used to us they sometimes buzz past at a few feet distance.rbn on trnk (1280x960) rbn on trnk2 (1280x960) rbn on trnk2a rbn on trnk3 (1280x960) rbn on trnk4 (1280x960) rbn on trnk5 (1280x960) rbn on trnk6 (1280x960) rbn on trnk7 (1280x960) rbn on trnk8 (1280x960)

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