Posted by: atowhee | August 18, 2016


Climate change continues to bring us bad news. Extreme weather.  Wild fires that are horrendous, and made more destructive because people have continued to build in forested areas.  Tropical diseases spreading their range–welcome to Zika City, Florida.  Used to be known as “Miami Beach.”

And July, 2016, once again, set a record as the hottest single month in modern history.  Like the death toll in Syria and the New York Stock Market, the numbers get bigger and bigger.

Louisiana, home of plenty of fossil fuel operations, got a nasty taste of unparalleled flooding.  Flooding so unusual that most of the victims were not even in official flood zones and thus not insured for flood damage.

While this is bad news for humans, we can decide to not live at sea level or in possible flood plains (which may need re-definition) and not build homes in forested areas and maybe even stop the spread of Zika, West Nile virus, dengue fever and other tropical diseases. However other animals have no news service, no alerts when fire or disease spreads through their habitat.  We humans are falling into a trench which may be lined with tragic memories of species that we have helped drive into extinction.   We broke the climate, can and will we fix it?



  1. Hot for sure here too. Medford 107 now (Ashland 99) and 109 tomorrow. Good you are not here. But the tomatoes are 4-6 inches wide and so tasty. I must buy expensive soil more often!

    m a

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