Posted by: atowhee | August 13, 2016


Here’s an email from my birding friend, Lee French, who lives in Ashland: “I took a friend from Portland and 2 of her pals from Santa Clara owling this morning. As we approached 2 Pines from DIMR a GGO flew up from a low stump on the right to a small conifer, still on the right hand side of the road. It was in hunting mode and soon flew across in front of us to the tree where Peter took the shot in the book. (on one of the 2 Pines). It proceeded to make a few hunting forays with no success. I got the impression this was young bird. It did not have a fuzzy head but it’s tail seemed short. Do you think young GGOs can catch prey at this point? One member of our group had a camera like Karl’s smaller one and if his shots come out, I’ll forward them. We also saw a lewis’s woodpecker and a common nighthawk at the green tailed towhee spot, which we also saw in poor light. We drove Shale City Rd on the way home and had great looks at a mtn. quail with 2 youngsters.”

Here are pictures from Two Pine Meadow:

0L5A6926 0L5A6946 179A7151 179A7186 179A7279These great Great Gray Owls were captured by Bill Walker.   You can see more of his fine photographic work on this website, click now.

If you are interested in my book on the Great Gray Owls of our region, click here for info.

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