Posted by: atowhee | August 1, 2016


Jackson County birder and nature photographer has given me permission to share this image with you.  It was captured a few days ago in Cascades east of Ashland, OR.ggo by mel

Here’s Mel’s note about this sighting:

“The Great Gray Owl Spirit smiled on me this morning.

“At 7:05 a.m. I spotted a GGO actively hunting a small meadow. Unfortunately the sun had not lit up the meadow.  He/she was in a tree immediately next to the road and when I stopped the owl relocated to a tree across this small meadow. While I was observing and photographing the GGO, it made a ‘grounding.’ Though the tall grass and plants shielded the owl from my view, I believe it probably scored (because of the length of time on the ground). It then flew to another tree. It stayed in that tree only a couple of minutes before flying out of the meadow. I did not attempt to follow.

“I know one sighting does not mean much with regards to the GGOs. I will be keeping an eye on this meadow (needless to say)…I’m excited as this is the first “active hunting” GGO I’ve spotted this year.”

Mel is now spending many hours each week seeking, photographing and observing the Jackson County Great Gray Owls and is a source of interesting information on how they make their living.  His sightings also confirm that eastern Jackson County is definitely a GGO hot spot.

Here’s a link to information on the Great Gray Owl book written by Peter Thiemann and myself.

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