Posted by: atowhee | July 24, 2016


There’s a Great Gray Owl hunting up along Steinman Road south of Ashland these days.  Here’s a picture sent to me by Brandie Lynn who is a neighbor of the visiting owl for the time being.  She’s seen the bird be a successful hunter several times.  The grassy pastures thereabouts are going to seed and attracting plenty of small rodents.ggo_BrandiLynnThis area is east of Old Highway 99 South where that road makes a loop back over itself between Emigrant Lake and Callahan’s at Exit 6 on I-5.  Elevation is 3100 feet.  Habitat is scattered rural homes in an open, dryland forest of white oak, ponderosa, scrub trees and unmown grasslands.  Most of the land is NOT used as pasture so the treeless areas and rodents are undisturbed.  A few years back Brandie had a GGO hunt from the railing on her porch.  This is the season when she sees these birds in her area.  This is likely an adult bird done with the year’s nesting and breeding duties…if, indeed, this bird nested this year.  It could be a yearling and not old enough to mate.

Brandie says this bird has been in area for a few days now.  Sometimes it is visible and active in daytime.

If you are interested in learning more about these owls, here’s information on the book about them that was written by Peter Thiemann and I.

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