Posted by: atowhee | July 17, 2016


The human world is such a sorry mess right now I need plenty of bird time.  Here’s another blogger’s version of how his garden activity keeps him going.

So to help myself to feeling less a part of the outside world, I have been going through old images from previous bird outings.  Here are some goodies, presented randomly:nor shrikNorthern Shrike, above, at Nisqually.  Wilson’s Warbler , male.P2720765 (1280x960) P2720832 (1280x960)Sora family NIGHTHAWK IN DAYTIME Sora, Malheur.sora closeOrchard Oriole, vagrant spotted at Page Springs a couple years back.  This bird was an Oregon lifer for Slan Contreras after my Klamath Bird Observatory group first spotted it. orch-oriole (2)Sagebrush Sparrow eyeballing cameraman. SAGE SPAR FACESnowy Plover: snoplo2Hand-tamed Snowy Egret.


Enjoy, breath deeply, smile.


  1. No fair with the puffin! Is it possible that a sibling would feed a nagging youngster? The female BHGros baby was bugging another female, but that female had the same light abdominal feathers as it does so I figure it is a sibling. There is another female with much creamier/orangie feathers that I take to be the adult, not the one who finally gave in and fed it.

    The baby chickadee doesn’t understand his/her parent’s language for “You are not going to get anymore food from me. Get your own.” The poor thing would fly to the parent, get knocked around and hang on the bottom of the branch wondering where this “tough love” came from.

    I love to watch the baby birds, in today’s case the house finch, stuffing themselves with sunflower chips while doing the “Feed me.Feed me.” routine to an exhausted parent.

    Yes, it is a blessing that we still can be cheered up by our birds. I suspect it is about time for your kids and grandkids to be coming to visit. Great weather so they should love it and your new house.

    Heard about any sitings of ggos down here? Nothing forthcoming from Lee and I hate to bother him.

    marie annette

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