Posted by: atowhee | July 7, 2016


GE IN NEST3This pair of juvenile Golden Eagles were in nest on cliff face west of The Narrows along dirt road that is no south side of Harney and Mud Lake lakebeds…just past the rusting old truck on south side of this dirt road.  This eag’e nest  road itself is called Harney Lake Road, it’s gravel and you get onto it by turning west exactly opposite of where Sodhouse Road goes east from Hwy 205 where the RV park and store is on the southeast corner of the intersection.  These eagle are long fledged by now(pics taken last mnth by Kirk Gooding) but they may be back next spring.  Note junior gulping down a meal.  Never chews his food.GE IN NEST5 GE IN NEST-WIDE GGE IN NEST SWALOHorned Lark, king of the mound: HL ON MOUND

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