Posted by: atowhee | July 3, 2016


Right now around my house family business is family busyness.  The House Sparrows have fledged and the young are even more persistent and chattery than the grown-ups.  The fledged and hungry young follow their parents around begging for food.  Listen and they are easy enough to locate, the quartet (usually) of House Sparrows flitting about, looking for morsels wherever they can be found.  So far the adults have NOT  brought the young to our feeders even though they’ve been in our garden daily.HOSSP YNGAbove are two young sitting on our fence.  Below: Black-capped Chickadee:BCC IN SUN (1280x960)This adult House Finch with the deep carotene-induced colors comes daily, usually with its drab, streakier fledgling: HOFI CLR (1280x960) hofi eatz hofi posesHOFI IN SHADEThis young Downy with the dirty-looking vest is a regular in our garden.  Occasionally the black and white adult female will swoop in and provide a suet lesson, or simply a sharp verbal warning.  She does not approve of the y9ungster hanging around when I’m near.  Mom wants to instill caution.dowo UPP DOWO UPP3

The local nuthatch, adult: rbn look dwndaizy daizysDaisies above, foxglove below. foxglove whit foxglove horstaleOcean spray in bloom: o-spray1 o-spray2 valle view



  1. Of course the parents are not as chatty as the young. They are totally exhausted!

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