Posted by: atowhee | June 28, 2016


Despite the fact that one-half of America’s major political parties refuses to acknowledge the reality, climate change continues.  Today a group of scientific and technical organizations sent a letter to all members of Congress urging action to slow or try to stop climate change that is being accelerated due to human caused greenhouse gases.

Of course this Republican controlled Congress will do nothing.  Any overt action would upset folks in the fossil fuel industry and those true believers who say God is in control and will deal with any problems that come up.  Besides, President Obama believes climate change is a problem so the Republican Party cannot possibly agree with HIM…on anything.

This summer may not see a new record for minimal Arctic ice, but the Big Melt continues.

As has been predicted by models developed to try to foresee the climate change effects, warming climate and disappearing ice sheets are producing winners and losers among plants and wildlife.  One bird being squ,eezed further north is the Spectacled Eider, and its population is in sharp decline.

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