Posted by: atowhee | June 27, 2016


“I wait every year for summer, and it’s usually good, but it is never as good as that summer I am always waiting for.”                                                                              –Martha Gellhorn

This morning a speeding red figure zoomed back and forth through our garden.  One of nature’s most ancient flycatchers was on the hunt.  It was a flame skimmer, over two inches long and a wing-span of nearly five inches.flame1 (1280x960) flame2 (1280x960)This dragonfly is found mostly around fresh water.  His latin moniker is less impressive than “flame skimmer;”   it’s  Libellula saturata.

P2740032 (1280x960)Red-breasted Nuthatch above.  Tree squirrel cruising for seeds in our garden. P2740046 (1280x960)

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