Posted by: atowhee | June 19, 2016


Here are the last of my photos from last week’s Northwest Pacific trip for Partnership for International Birding.  There were eleven of us, the other ten all from Texas so they got to see some birds that don’t nest around Austin or winter along the Gulf Coast:P2730350 (1280x960)Pigeon Guillemot: PIGU CLEAR (1280x960) PIGU ON SIDE (1280x960)Purple Martins on pilings along Nisquallyt Bay, WA: PUMA PIER (1280x960)Red-breasted Sapsucker seems to like cherries as much as I do.  This one into the tree at Clatsop State Park.RB SAP BOTTOM (960x1280) FRUIT SUCKER (960x1280)Douglas Squirrel and Song Sparrow (note dark plumage of this northwestern race) at Dungeness River Audubon Center: SQR AND SPARO (1280x960) SQR WITH SPARO (1280x960)Brown Creeper, creeping about: tree creep3CRPER (960x1280) TREE CREEPR (1280x960)Two Gulls at Luhr Beach, WA.  Front a Glaucous-winged.  Behind an Olympic Gull (Glaucous-winged X Western).TWO GULLS (1280x960)Bald Eagle, Nisqually NWRBE IN TREE (1280x960) bgh in aireBlack Oystercatcher, Joyn Warne Marina, Sequim: BLOY ON BEACH (1280x960) BLOY PROBE (1280x960)Needing on introduction: CAGO SIDEWALK (1280x960)Cedar Waxwings: CEWA FLIEZ (1280x960) CEWA UPP (1280x960)Common Yellowthroat, Nisqually: COM YEL FACE (1280x960) COYEL IN TREE (1280x960)  CVHICK FLIEZ (1280x960) Who’s being gulled here? GULL FEEDING (1280x960)Harbor Seal undercover agent: HAR SEAL (1280x960) HOME IN SUN (1280x960)These last two images were approved by the Monet Imitation Foundation: HOME--MONET (1280x960)Hooded Merganser at Nisqually: MONET (1280x960)Harlequin amazed at scruffy gulls, Ediz Hook, Port Townsend.  “You guys go out in public looking like that?”harl-gullz2 (1280x960) harl-gullz1 (1280x960)Harlequin Quartet, great performers in any maritime venue. harl-feed (1280x960) HARL ON ROX (1280x960) HARL ASHORE (1280x960)We call this a Har-line:harline (1280x960)HARL ON ROX (1280x960) harl-feed (1280x960) harline2 (1280x960)This Harlequin were just offshore along Ediz Hook. harl-sea1 (1280x960) harl-sea2 (1280x960) harl-sea3 (1280x960) harl-sea5 (1280x960)Water dripping from the duck’s beak: harl-sea6 (1280x960) harl-swirl (1280x960) HARL-TRIO (1280x960)Murre-velous: MURRVELOUS (1280x960) gwgG-W Gull above, Caspian Tern below: cas ter in air (1280x960) be immatureAt sea, Dungness NWR off Three Crabs Road, Sequim: at seaBarn and Tree Swallow:swalos (1280x960)Double Barn: swalos2Skylark at Victoria Airport:SLARK1 (1280x960)This Spotted Towhee was: 1) signed up, 2) spotted, by us as well as nature. towhee signed upView from ferry as we approached Victoria.  That’s British Columbian sunshine lying softly on the hills beyond. vcitoria


  1. Always a pleasure and an education to view and read your blogs. Thank you,
    Peter B.
    SF Bay Arean

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