Posted by: atowhee | June 15, 2016


bb-grub2Boack-backed woodpecker with pale grub at nest hole in Deschutes National Forest west of Sisters. bbw-holeBurned-over forest where Black-backed is nestingl burnt forestCalifornia Quail male who was calling at Sawyer Park along Deschutes River in Bend. caqu (1280x960)Golden-mantled ground squirrel: gmgs (1280x960)Mt. Hood, Oregon’s tallest mountain and an active volcano. mthood1Pygmy Nuthatch at nest, Sawyer Park: pynest1 pynu at nest (1280x960) pynu exits (1280x960) Pynu lookup PYNU-SAWYR1 (1280x960) PYNU-SAWYR2 (1280x960)White-headed Woodpecker in Deschutes National Forest: whw-2 whw-climbz2 (1280x960) whw-lo (1280x960)

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