Posted by: atowhee | June 6, 2016


The Central Oregon Coast was at its most brilliant today.  Morning sunshine, afternoon mist and then evening wind gales.  Bald Eagles at Ona Beach, Virginia Raul males in combat at Ona Beach marshland along Beaver Creek, Guillemot and cormorants on their nests, four gull species in a Fred Meyer parking lot, Crossbills, Pac-Slope Flycatcher, Pacific Loon and Common Loon and Marbled Murrelet.  The Texans took the pace in good stead.  Tonight Florence, tomorrow across two mountain ranges to Bend.

There is a pair of Black Oystercatchers in this frame, find ’em?bloy2 on rox (1280x960)Seal at rest, Newport. H-SEAL P2720926 (1280x960)Guillemot lifts off. pigu air1 (1280x960)pigu air2 (1280x960) Pigu air3 (1280x960) pigu flot (1280x960)Purple Martin colony in Yaquina Bay, Newport: P-MART HOZ P-MARTWhite-crown. W-C SPRO

Mammals: humpback whale, Steller’s sea lions, harbor seals, ground squirrel, kayakers.

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