Posted by: atowhee | June 3, 2016


SAMUELS GGOThis Great Gray Owl has been hunting around the home of Darrel and Diana Samuels at Running Y, north of Klamath Falls.  Their home is at about 4200 feet elevation and the development was built leaving many mature trees standing.  There is a gold course nearby that may supply rodents.  Darrel says the jays (Steller’s) were very upset at the owl’s presence.

This is an owl that is at least a year old, this year’s owlets are still too young to be on their own.

The GGO is known to nest in the vicinity of Running Y.  You may recognize Diana’s name…she’s one of the haunchos of the annual Winter Wings Bird Festival held in K-Falls every February…and they always offer at least one Great Gray Owl field trip.

Photo by Darrel Samuels.

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