Posted by: atowhee | June 2, 2016


cs-fourCliff Swallows find housing to be a dirty business, plenty of mud-slinging, like human politics.   cs-one cs-three cs-twoCINTE CANALAbove: male Cinnamon Teal in refuge canal. Klamath Basin.  Below Night-Heron working as day heron, Klamath as well.DAY-HERONDAY-HERON2This very dark buteo can be a puzzler, but when he opens his tail and wings you see the pale tail that signals: Ferruginous.  This unusual dark morph has been banded because he is so unusual.  Breeds in Klamath Basin.FERRU1FERRU 2Big owl in big tree at east end of Township Road.GHO IN TREEGulls follow mower for morsels…these are all Ring-billed.MOW-GULLSmtnpelis x2 RT ON PIVT (1280x960) (599x422) RT ON PVT-2 (1280x960) RTH NESTLINGS rth paleThe buteos above are all Red-tails, including nestlings barely visible.  Below is one of a pair of circling Swainson’s Hawk we had along Klamath Lake Road. SWN HAWK (2) (1280x960) SWN HAWK (2)

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