Posted by: atowhee | May 31, 2016


Most of the birders in my group from Golden Gate Audubon had not birded the Klamath Basin before so we made it a rapid circuit, north to south. We began our Klamath Birding at Pelican Station Wayside, then Rocky Point.  From there we worked our way south, finally to Butte Valley which was raptor central.

Several birds showed up just to confirm our bird-trip karma.  Best were a pair of fast-moving, diving, zig-zagging Prairie Falcons, one in pursuit of the other. This occurred in early afternoon along Lower Klamath Lake Road.  At the start of our day we did NOT get a second look at Great Gray Owl near Howard Prairie, but our consolation was a pair of Sandhill Cranes with TWO colts following them through the tall meadow grass just east of Keno Access Road and visible from Dead Indian Memorial.CRANES-2 COLTS (1280x960) crnes feedA cormorant races down a roadside canal  along Township Road.  Below: ducks and grebes at Eagle Ridge.  That duck that appears to have a white shoulder stripe did not, trick of the light.  Ducks here are all Redheads. duksThough we saw many Clark’s and Western Grebes, only two birders saw part of one brief dance.  Mostly the grebes were taking mid-day siesta at Putnam Point. Young Bald Eagle at Eagle Ridge, where else?BE-FIRST-YR (1280x960)We saw at least sixteen Bald Eagles on the day, one brief glimpse of a speeding Golden as well.

Singing BH Grosbeak at Eagle Ridge as well: bhg backlit

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