Posted by: atowhee | May 29, 2016


A Green-tailed Towhee who used his tail as a warning signal and a sign of superiority.  A pair of Bald Eagles copulating atop a 100-foor tall tree near Bull Gap.  Dusky Flycatchers who looked us in the eye.  Calliope male on his sentinel post along Tolman Creek Road.  Western Tanager, Lazuli Bunting, Black-headed Grosbeak, Cassin’s Finches, Nashville Warbler,  a day of demonstrative birds for the Bay Are birders I took into the Siskiyous today.  Then we ended the day with four Osprey circling over Emigrant Lake in mid-afternoon…despite all the motorboats and paddleboards.BE PAIR (1280x960)After they copulated, he contemplated, she did her feathers. BR PAIR2 (1280x960) BR PAIR3 (1280x960) BR PAIR4 (1280x960) FOREST (1280x960)Green-tailed Towhee male atop his boundary rock, Mt. Ashland, 6500 feet elevation. GTT FRNT (1280x960) GTT FRNT2 (1280x960) GTTAIL (1280x960) GTTAIL2 (1280x960) GTTAIL3 (1280x960) GTTAIL4 (1280x960) GTTAIL5 (1280x960)Mountain Chickadee, Mt. Ashland. MTCH BRITE (1280x960)Mountain Bluebird on ski lodge  out-building.  MTN BLOO (1280x960) MTN BLOO2 (1280x960)One of the Em Lake Osprey. OSP AIRE (1280x960)Here’s tghe only owl we saw, an Ashland building mural. P2720428 (960x1280) SHSTAA huddle at Em Lake. SWLOTAILS (1280x960)Kingbird, Em Lake. WEKI EM LAKE (1280x960)Tanager. WETA HI (1280x960)Other birds included numerous bright-colored Yellow-rumps, RB Nuthatch,  GC Kinglets, RB Gull, Blue Heron, numerous Ravens being smart-alecks (as is their wont), Flickers, American Goldfinchs, Llincoln’s Sparrow.


  1. The GWT [towhee] created a transient fishglyph on the rock behind him.

  2. The tiger swallowtails are “puddling” or gathering mineral salts for a nuptial gift to their lady-friends. While they were huddling…

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