Posted by: atowhee | May 8, 2016


bloomChikecherry tree in bloom: chokcrryI believe this is a baby blue-eyes, Nemophila menziesii.  Menzies for whom this is named was the physician on Captain George Vancouver’s expedition to the Pacific for the British in the 1780s.  He discovered many new species of plant and animal for European science.delicatesLichen beardslichen beard lichens mtn mahogTwo tones of trillium: P2700726  trill-dSugar pine with its out-sized cones, once a common tree in the pre-colonial Cascade forests.  It is not re-planted by lumber companies.sugar pineDipper on Baker Creek upstream from McMinnville:dppr rok1 (1280x960) dppr rok2 (1280x960) dppr rok3 (1280x960) dppr rok4 (1280x960)


  1. Harry,
    I appreciate how, blogging, you bring in fleurs and trees and critters other than birds, as well as politics! Sincerely, I believe it signifies a truly ecological perspective. However, I don’t believe this is a specimen of Nemophila m. Foliage, color scheme, and arrangement of petals not like any Baby Blue Eyes I’ve seen or found (after a brief check on web). I don’t know what it is. Has anyone else questioned your best guess or offered a positive ID of this plant?
    Nice to meet you at the Mtn Bird Fest.
    Peter Boffey

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