Posted by: atowhee | May 3, 2016


A small city in Canada’s energy belt is on fire…unseasonably hot and dry weather.  Largest evacuation in Canada’s history.  It’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature.  She neither forgives nor forgets.

Further climate badness:  Arctic Sea Ice at lowest level ever for this time of year.  Soon we’ll be sun-bathing on Baffin Island after Florida has sunk beneath the waves.  Kudos to Gov. Brown (D-CA) for poking Florida’s right-wing governor about not noticing climate change which will make Florida the first state to involuntarily disappear from the U.S.  Will Georgia accept expats from Florida as New Zealand has promised to do for Tongans when their nation goes under water?  Don’t bet on it.  Maybe Trump will build a wall around Florida as he’s got real estate there.  He could getr the Cubans to pay for it maybe.

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