Posted by: atowhee | April 30, 2016


I spent another day over 4500 feet in elevation.  Checking meadows around Howard Prairie, driving up Table Mountain Road, then in late afternoon up Soda Mountain Road until it got too rough for the urbane Prius.  Needed the Subaru past the intersection with the Pacific Crest Trail.  Most of the migrant species are not around.  Beauty of the day was  male Yellow-rump at Green Springs Inn where we are staying.YEL RUM BRITE (1280x960) YEL RUM IN OPEN (1280x960)Not a bad looker for a warbler as common as dirt.

The meadow near Howard Prairie Lake was possessed by Tree Swallows.  They were swirling across the sky, checking out tree cavities and every next box put up by the meadow owner.T-D BACKLIT (1280x960)  T-S 0N SPAR (1280x960) T-S ON BOX (1280x960)Signs of spring are appearing.  The oaks up here are just starting to put out leaves, the maples just slightly ahead of them.  Below: trillium and willow catkins.TRILYUM WILLO CATKNS (1280x960)Ants, about half inch long and red. Their mound overs most of a large stump:ANTS CRAWL (1280x960) ANTS MND (1280x960)This is one Western Bluebird I saw at a meadow, another was alive.  I couldn’t tell how this one died. BB DED (1280x960)Keene Creek reservoir, next generation: CAGOSLINGS (1280x960) DEJU SHARP (1280x960) DOGWUD IN FORESTDogwood above was at Tub Springs, others were still fairly yellow.  Downy preens while hanging up, Green Springs. DOWO PREEN (1280x960)View across Howard Prairie Lake to Jackson County’s own volcano, Mt. McLaughlin. LAKE1I heard cranes at this location but could not find them.  Also present: House Wren, Red-breasted Sapsucker pair, Flicker, both bluebird sp.  This is near where the Tree Swallows were swarming. LAKE2The littlest chipmunk, a least.  Along Table Rock Road these tykes were abundant.L-C IN SUN (1280x960) L-C LOOKS (1280x960) L-C SCAMPER (1280x960)Mountain Chickadee, Green Springs: M-C IN PINE (1280x960) M-C1 (1280x960)Mountain Bluebird near Howard Prairie: MTN BLU (1280x960)Up Table Rock Road I heard several Mountain Quail, zero seen as usual.  One Gray Jay who fled the scene.  Plenty of Juncos.

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