Posted by: atowhee | April 26, 2016


After sunset last night we heard swifts in a chimney.  This is above a gas fireplace that we do not use.  The ruffling of wings could be heard from the top of the hollow verticality.  Tonight I will watch to see how many enter if they return.  Not sure yet if they will nest in our chimney.  There certainly are many Vaux’s Swift in our neighborhood in the summer.

Female Flicker doing suet:NOFL SUETING OCW-1 (1280x960)Orange-crowned Warbler lurking at Ed Grenfell Park. OCW-2 (1280x960) OCW-TAKE OFF (1280x960)

DPR IN CRK (1280x960)One of the Dippers at Dipper Bridge on Baker Creek Road. I went to check on these Dippers after being out of town for a week.  I surmise they are now incubating eggs in their nest beneath the bridge.DPR IN CRK2 (1280x960) DPR UNDER WTR (1280x960) DPR2-APR26 (1280x960) DPR-APR26 (1280x960)One of my favorite newts at Ed Grenfell Park: NEWT (1280x960)WCS IN YARD (1280x960)WCS IN YARD WCS LOOKS (1280x960)White-crown above, y09ung oak leaves below.  Now a bright green and soft, these leaves will darken and become leathery in the summer heat.  YNG OAK (1280x960)

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