Posted by: atowhee | April 24, 2016


Heading north from the Bay Area today I hit my two favorite birding spots that are rest stops:  Maxwell northbound and the bi-directional stop on the Klamath River, Collier Rest Area.  Unphotographed was the northbound flock of Vaux’s Swifts passing over Collier about 5:30 pm. Here are some of the results of those two rest stoppings. LEWO CALLS (1280x960) LEWO ON OAK (1280x960) STIL-CET (1280x960) STIL-CETcetdown stil-steps stilt-cet2 stilt-cet3The avocets and stilts were in the irrigation ponds adjacent to the Maxwell northbound Rest Area.  The Lewis’s Woodpecker greeted me at Collier.  I believe the swallowtail was at Woodson Bridge, and I’ll have the birds from there on my next blog.SWLTAIL

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