Posted by: atowhee | April 20, 2016


I drove from Salem south along I-5 to Ashland today.  Tomorrow the Bay Area.  My one birding stop was Ankeny NWR, then Ashland Pond  Some images, including those wonderful Lithia Park Dippers in downtown Ashland.

In south Yamhill County the terminus of Lafayette Road before it meets  Hwy 221 was covered with Cackling Geese in migration, having stopped for a snack of grass shoots.  There were at least 5000 geese at table:CACKROWDAnkeny: Greater Yellowlegs, Western Sandpipers, sleeping Shoveler pair.

3BIRDSCacklers at Ankeny: CACKLOSE UP ROSE WOOLDrift of cottonwood cottonwool at Ankeny: CTTNWOOL  Hawthorn at Ashland Pond:haw (1280x960) JAY-POLEOsprey on nest platform at the Wheatland Ferryboat landing, Marion County. OSP-WHETLND

One of two Dippers at Bridge #3 in Lithia Park, wearing leg bands: DIPP-BANDED P2690377 (1280x960) P2690378 (1280x960) P2690379 (1280x960) P2690384 (1280x960) P2690397 (1280x960) P2690403 (1280x960) Chokecherry:CHKCHRRY Wood Duck mama at Ashland Pond:wodu mom (1280x960)


  1. Harry, I was in Denver last week and saw dippers for the first time since my last visit to Ashland and thought of you.. thanks for posting!

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