Posted by: atowhee | April 7, 2016


Deer siesta beneath the trees along Fox Ridge Road in McMinnville.

DEER SIESTA (1280x960)Sword fern fiddleheads: FIDDLHEDGreat oak, Grand Island: GRT OAK (1280x960)Hooker’s fairy lantern, Grand Island riparian forest: Hooker's fairybell flwr Hooker's fairybell plantKilldeer along the roadside. KILLDR STANDZPine Siskins on our feeder, numbers down to a few from the dozens we had in mid-winter.  Most must by now have moved back up into the montane confier forests where most of them will breed:PS EATZ (1280x960) PS LOOKS (1280x960)Close pair of Turkey Vultures, Grand Island.  Later I saw this pair soaring together. TV LUVYellow-rumped Warbler, perhaps a better name would be “yellow-throated” though that bright spot fades after breeding season.  Grand Island forest. YELLO-THROAT YELOO THROAT (1280x960)Blue bells (an introduced plant, from Europe where they blanket forest floors in spring):BLU BELLSBufflehead male, Yamhill Sewer Ponds. BUFF MAILGreater Yellowlegs in pasture next to sewer ponds. GR YEL IN POOL4 GRYEL IN POOL GRYEL2 IN POOLRed-wing male between songs at Yamhill Sewer Plant: RED WINGTree Swallows near their future nest site: TS PAIRDFilaree patch along the Willamette:filareeFemale Harrier, Grand Island: HARR-FEMALMale Harrier, circling near his mate: HARR-MALE osp-fliesOsprey. osp-nestRing-necked Duck on slough, Grand Island. RN DUX TRIODowny drumming on split tree trunk, Linfield College:DOWO DRUMSMale Anna’s…trespassers will be attacked. P2680165 (1280x960) P2680172 (1280x960) TREE BLOOM



    Good Read on the losses in Amazon Forests

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