Posted by: atowhee | March 23, 2016


AMGO MALE (1280x960)These American Goldfinches were in oaks along Putah Creek near Winters. AMGO UPP (1280x960) AMGO-UPP2 (1280x960)Avocets in breeding plumage, Canvasback in water, marsh south of Sears Point in Sonoma County. AVOC-CANVThe white clusters on water–Avocets. AVOCROWD BLU BRDPt. Reyes birds: bluebird above, Band-tailed Pigeon in treetop: btp upp (1280x960) CAQU GRP1 (1280x960)A covey of over sixty quail live int he bursh around the Pt. Reyes main visitors’ center.  Here are a few at their early morning feedng. caqu grp2 (1280x960) caqu grp3 (1280x960) caqu grp4 (1280x960) caqu grp6 (1280x960) CAQU RUN caqu, grp5 (1280x960) CAQURBA Double-crested Coromorant on Putah Creek objected to my appearance and left the scene, creating his own scene in so doing. DCC-A (1280x960) DCC-B (1280x960) DCC-C (1280x960) DCC-D (1280x960)bp on fenc1Black Phoebe on fence at Pt. Reyes. bp on fenc2Little drummer boy, Downy on utility pole, using small hollow metal box as drum, Pt. Reyes Station. drmmer1 (1280x960) e-sealsThere were already many elephant seals on the beaches of outer Pt. Reyes Peninsula.  Flickers were active and loud: flckr down (1280x960) FLKR FENC goose-pairdThe little tyrant at rest, briefly. littl bosspppy (1280x960)Putah Creek along I-505. PURAH CRKSiskiyou County: SISKIYOU MTNS (1280x960)Tree Swallow: TRSW-UPP (1280x960) TRSW-UPP2 (1280x960) TRSW-UPP3 (1280x960)Varied Thrush in hiding at Pt. Reyes: VARIWalnuts in Solano County along Putah Creek: WALNUTZYellow-rumos and Robins were feeding in the nut grove.

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