Posted by: atowhee | March 22, 2016


In spring the adult birds’ fancy turns to … eggs and such.  The Red-shouldered Hawks near the Red Barn at the Pt. Reyes Seashore headquarters complex has been producing frequent screams and even aerial courtship of the local pair.  On Sunday two of us saw them copulate in the same bare tree where one of them had been calling.  Female before the mating, male sitting not far off. rsh looksRight after copulation, side by side briefly.rsh cop1 (1280x960) Then the male departs rsho cop2 (1280x960)Earlier two larger raptors were part of a kettle overhead: TV and Red-tail. up and bigTVs with the kettle on.kettl (1280x960)Lone TV right overhead. TV PASSEZ (1280x960)Waiting for the morning rain to pass, it didn’t.  Nor did the Turkey Vultures. TV WIRES (1280x960)These two seem to be roosting and maybe nesting above Kule Loco, the reconstructed Indian village at Pt. Reyes, this clear day they were soaking up the morning solar heat. tv wins (1280x960)


This Osprey was on nest above Lake Shasta:OSPRY IN SHASTA (1280x960)This Red-shoulder flew over me while I birded Putah Creek near Winters, CARSH PASSES putah (1280x960)In that same spot this blur, which was a soaring Swainson’s Hawk:swth blur

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