Posted by: atowhee | March 21, 2016


I’ve just finished a week in California.  San Francisco.  Pt. Reyes.  Sam Pablo Bay.  Sacramento Valley. Pt. Isabel. Putah Creek.  Only only vagrant in this spring migration season.Tufted Duck on Tomales Bay behind the Inverness Grocery, enjoyed over lunch by my Pt. Reyes Field Institute birding class on Friday. TUDU1 (1280x960)The male Tufted was consorting with a small float of female scaup. TUDU2 (1280x960)Willet on the rocky shoreline at Pt. Isabel in Richmond. WILLON ROX wllt stepsYB Magpie in eucs at Willows Rest Area along I-5. YBM IN CANOPYWigeon at Pt. Isabel:amwi pare AMWI SHLDR (1280x960)Male Brewer’s Blackbird in sun at rest area north of Red Bluff: BRB MALE COLR (1280x960)Warning: Ravens at work. CORA JOB SITE (1280x960)Ferruginous hawk in field along I-505 in Yolo County.FERRU-YOLO (1280x960) flralGadwalls on Brazie Pond, Siskiyou County. GADW=BRAZI (1280x960)Golden-crowned Sparrows, Ashland: GCS IN GRVL (1280x960) gcs up closeGreater Scaup, Pt. Isabel GR SCP2 (1280x960)Sign at Weed Rest Stop.  Gulls: ring-billed.  Today I saw a man feeding this very gulls, both species quite pleased. gull signMockingbird in Orland. MOCKORLAND (1280x960)Female Brewer’s Blackbird, Tehama County. MRS BB (1280x960)



  1. Well no wonder you have not responded to my emails. You have been on the road. I figured you felt pestered by all my questions. m a

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