Posted by: atowhee | March 15, 2016


More images from my recent trip through central California.  First, Black Phoebes doing a series of public appearances:bp on sign bp on stalk cowz  goose crowd goosedAbove: geese.  Below: Greater Yellowlegs. gy (1280x960)Tow pairs of Killdeer battling over nesting space on levee at San Luis NWR near Merced. kill-quartetThose birds in the air are Tree Swallows, saw only a single Barn in the flock.san luisThis attitude is called the “stilt tilt.” stilt tiltA lone Swainson’s Hawk far above and further away at San Luis NWR. swhawkBlackbird Hill along Woodbridge Road near Thornton, CA.BLCKBIRD HILLBushtit nest outside visitors center at Consumnes Preserve.BU-NEST (1280x960)Bushtit to the left and blow the nest, they were carrying food to nestlings inside.BUSH AT NST (1280x960)BUNNY EATS (1280x960)Young brush rabbit at Cosumnes Preserve, having a bit of afternoon salad.BUNNY EATS2 (1280x960)COOT LAWN (1280x960)Gadwall pair:GADW PAIR (1280x960)Female Great-tailed Grackle at Cosumnes, now a regular nesting bird in northern California.  Check range maps if you have a thirty year old field guide. Climate change means range change.GT GR LOOKS (1280x960)GWFG FIELD1GWFG FIELD2Geese above, Green-winged Teal below:GWT PAIR2 (1280x960)GWTPAIR1 (1280x960)HEADS DOWNKilldeer already on nest:KILL ON NESTMarsh Wren nest structure.MAWR NEST (1280x960)P2660134 (1280x960)gizzrd

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