Posted by: atowhee | March 5, 2016


Waterfowl of North America, Europe & Asia. An Identification Guide. By Sebastien Reeber.  Princeton Press.  656 Pages.  72 color plates.  85 distribution maps.  Over 650 color photos.  2016.  $45.

This book is due out at the end of March.  It is a thorough guide to all our waterfowl here north of the equator.  It has range maps for each species, complete distribution information on subspecies and excellent illustrations designed to aid field identification of each species.barrowsgoldeneye640h book cover

The book describes known hybrids and captive breeding for each species.  In Europe it is common to find private or public reserves that have extensive collections of free-roaming waterfowl collected from around the blog. Mandarin Ducks are now widespread in London city parks.  Egyptian Geese graze the green spaces in Frankfurt.  Ruddy Ducks are an invasive species targeted for removal in Europe.  This guide informs about and describes these species.

Molt and juvenile plumages are clearly illustrated and described as well.  For the Long-tailed Duck alone there are ten photos of varying molts and plumage phases.  In the illustration section there are an additional 13 color drawings including one in flight.  You would be able to match your own digital image with one of these if it’s a Long-tailed Duck you saw on the bay or lake.  Most helpful the open-wing illustrations are large enough to give clear images.  The book’s 6.5 X 9 inch format means this is your definitive reference book , not a pocket-sized field guide.

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