Posted by: atowhee | February 29, 2016


As March steps up, spring is running before us:P2650285 (1280x960) P2650287 (1280x960)Catkins purring in the rain. P2650288 (1280x960) P2650289 (1280x960) P2650291 (1280x960)

I will be teaching three classes at Pt. Reyes, March 18-20.  On March 19th I will lead a class on birds and climate change.

On March 18th, Ocean Birds of Pt. Reyes: ducks, loons, grebes and alcids…maybe even a gull or two.

Early spring breeding birds.

Before then I will be giving a talk on Great Gray Owls at the Golden Gate Audubon meeting in San Francisco the night of March 17th.

Next month (April) I will be giving the same talk at Pt. Reyes Nature Festival in Marin.GGG8If you are interested in seeing this elusive bird, there are still openings for the Mountain Bird Festival, based in Ashland, Oregon in May.MTBF Logo (Web) 20150210 (72dpi)

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