Posted by: atowhee | February 19, 2016


As I ate breakfast this morning, it was chilly and drizzling outside.  Juncos and siskins came to get an early start on the day’s food search.  There were some bits of sunflower seed from the previous day.  After some minutes I looked up from my book and scone, there sat a Cooper’s Hawk on the garden fence.  Gone were all the other, littler birds. The Coop was seeking his own breakfast.  He’ll have to be a bit more stealthy if he wants to succeed.

I had to take these photos through a window and screen, no way I could get to an open door without frightening him away.COHA ON FENC COHA ON FENC2



  1. Keep my Co oper’s hawk. We don’t want him here anyway, any how.

    I am glad you are out of Klamath. The weather is very rainy and windy here and Klamath is getting lots of snow and cold. I hope the little pygmy owl has got a warm home.

    m a

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