Posted by: atowhee | February 18, 2016


Comments from Peter Trueblood who owns two large parcels along Little Hyatt Lake Road…on his photos of Great Gray Owls this winter:

“Here are a couple of shots from December on Old Hyatt Lake Road at the ebird hotspot called Hyatt Saddle at Mile Marker 4.  Notice one bad eye.  (Note: the county has now been plowing that road and put up mile markers, starting up at (big) Hyatt Lake.  So the 4 Mile Marker is less than a half mile from HWY 66 at the Greensprings Summit.)

Had a second one there on Sunday (2/14/16) but it was apparently a young male, probably a 1st year male.  It had 2 good eyes.  Deb and Ron Schaaf have been having them around their house, hunting for small rodents in their garden, which is fairly large.”
GGO-HYT1 GGO-HYT2This area is east of Ashland and just north of Hwy 66.  There is a resident and breeding population in the forests and adjacent meadows in that vicinity which is between 4000-5000 elevation.  The GGOs have nested right along the Pacific Crest Trail which runs through the same forests and meadows.   Sandhill Cranes, Northern Pygmy-Owl,  Mountain Bluebirds, Goshawk and Vesper Sparrows are among the neighboring species.

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