Posted by: atowhee | February 16, 2016


BCNH BARETREE (1280x960)The night-herons are in willow near Link River Bridge in Klamath Falls. BE CLEAR (1280x960) BE CRCL1 (1280x960) BE CRCL2 (1280x960)Below is immature Bald Eagle. BE YNG CIRCL (1280x960)Barrow’s Goldeneye male in Link River. bg close bg erect bg pair bg side bg takeoff bg takeoff2 bgp2 bgp3 bgp4 bgp5 BGP7 BGP8Hairy Woodpecker, Running Y. HAWO (1280x960) hawo drill HAWO LOOKS (1280x960)Mountain Chickadee, Running Y. MTN CH BK (1280x960) MTN CHK UPP (1280x960) MTN CK SID (1280x960)Coots and pair of Barrow’s.QUARTET RAPTOO (1280x960) RTH (1280x960) RTRRETOP (1280x960) SWNZ (1280x960) SWNZ--MANY (1280x960) TIT ON GRND (1280x960)Titmouse, Klamath has some that are Juniper X Oak.  I will not presume to speciate this one at Running Y. TITMO (2) (1280x960)White-breasted Nuthatch at Running Y, where I also saw but didn’t get an image of Pygmy. WBN BELLY (1280x960) WBN-KLMTH (1280x960)The Pygmy Owl at Collier State Park and Rough-legged Hawk over Klamath Marsh.

Above: Belding’s ground squirrels out and about on a warm February day.  Appreciated  by raptors. Bufflehead; Canada Geese nesting; Greater-white fronted Geese along eastern shore of Klamath Lake north of K-Falls; Ruddy Ducks; Bald Eagle, one on ground, one in tree.  Rough-legged over field and one on irrigation pivot.  Red-tail cruising along canal.  Mt. McLoughlin being pyramidic under a blouse of snow.

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