Posted by: atowhee | February 8, 2016


The four remaining occupiers admit their supplies are running low. Over the weekend they posted youtube videos showing their use of federal vehicles and urging an armed uprising by anti-federalist forces. Remember the Alamo, guys.

Here’s a lengthier summary of the videos’ content on youtube, lotsa braggodocio and threats spread around. Probably good fodder for an insanity defense when the time comes.  The occupiers have faith that they represent a major portion of the American population.  Not even Trump or Rush Limbaugh have shown up to support them…?

The mainstream media is out of steam and barely notices Malheur anymore, awaiting further bloodshed perhaps.  But “Discover” magazine has outlined the damage the occupation is doing to on-going science work and habitat maintenance at the refuge.

Why not let workers return if they want and given them armed escorts?  Would cost a lot less than trying to repair damage that will be done if the refuge is not ready for this year’s expected high run-off.  It is a wet winter in the Steen Mountain area.

JUst got this email from a fellow birder: “After the Narrows Store and RV park co-owner complained to the New York Times about being “misunderstood” by birders, here’s an update on what’s happening now.

Draw your own conclusions, make your own judgments and your own phone calls …

AMERICAS TRUE PATRIOTS are now based camped at the Narrows RV Park and we have 50 spots that are available with six acres for horses. Make your reservations and show up to make your stand. Be POLITE AND RESPECTFUL or you will be asked to leave. No hotheads needed! Only Patriots! We are making a stand righ here at the entrance and rally’s are planned for everyday until the Feds leave and this county is restored to the good American people of Harney county! Please contact Admin William Fisher through here or his page for more info. Or if you can help other ways than being able to make a physical appearance. Thank you Americas True Patriots.”  (source:  ATP FB page 02-08-16 4 hours ago).”

Sadly if you are birding the area, The Narrows has the only gas station between Burns and Frenchglen so it is hard to avoid giving them business.

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