Posted by: atowhee | February 3, 2016


Were now in the second month of the right-wing gunmen’s occupation of the Malheur Refuge Headquarters in Harney County, OR.

One of the eleven arrested occupiers is in jail in Arizona and wants out.

Two of the occupiers or sympathizers arrested in Oregon have now been released, but neither of the Bundy Bros.

Comments to Birdwatching Magazine about Malheur.

It is good to realize the Bundy Bros and their cohort are dead-enders…fighting to save a culture that hardly existed except in imagination and Hollywood as the true arid west was built on government subsidies and Army expulsion of the Native Americans.  Here is essay on that whole evident trend all over the planet from Bundy to Isis to Putin to Saudi Arabia–cultures trying to stop inevitable change and upheaval.

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