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Earlier this week there was a pro-public lands rally in Portland. One of the speakers is a woman, Linda Neale, who is a married to an American Indian and has four generations of Harney County roots. Click here for youtube of her speech.

She points out to the urban audience that Burns has three traffic lights in toto.  And she emphasizes how locals in Harney work hard to solve their mutual problems and co-operate.  She highlights the High Desert Partnership now being assaulted by the radical fanatics with guns who’ve occupied Malheur’s Headquarters.


I have been leading trips from Jackson County to Malheur annually the past five year.  Many of the trips were filled with first-timers to the Malheur Basin.  When a pro-poublic lands rally was held on the Ashland Plaza this morning there were people there who’d been on my field trips.  Makes a man feel proud.  The man with the sign on the right is Peter Thiemann, co-author of our book on Great Gray Owls.  Thanks, Peter!

Peter was born in Germany and came here as an adult, is now a proud American citizen.  He frequently tells me the reason he loves being an American is because of our great parks, open spaces and great expanse of public lands.  Something you can’t find anywhere in Europe.  It ias those public lands that are endangered by the greed and short-sightedness of those who see land only as something to plow, graze, mine or otherwise exploit–from the Koch Bros. to the Bundy Gang.

An estimated 100 people rallied in Ashland today.

IMG_4015 IMG_4016 IMG_4017


Here’s a suggestion from one of my readers responding to past blog with Portland Audubon’s action plans: “Thank you, Audubon leaders, for this article and action guidelines. I add one more: Boycott beef until the outlaws leave Malheur. My decision to boycott beef is not to put all cattle ranchers in one basket and punish them, but to encourage them to speak out loudly against the occupation.”

Wish I could join that boycott, but I can’t remember the last time I bought any beef.  I did have ribs in a restaurant sometime this century.  It was a bar-b-que place sothe choices were limited.


The GOHOME acronym stands for Getting Occupiers of the Historic Oregon Malheur Evicted.

Click here to visit fund-raising site that is opposed to the occupiers at Malheur.  money raised will go to groups the occupiers would never support: Burns Paiute Tribe, Southern Poverty Law Center, Friends of Malheur NWR, Americans for Responsible Solutions.

So far they’ve got over $70,000 in pledges.  Not one dime has come from the Bundy Gang which more into wasting public money.  Estimates are this occupation is costing Oregon $100K per week right now.


Here’s a report on how the Mormon-dominated Bundy Gang is intending to cleanse itself of any non-believers. Just so we don’t come to assume that Islam has a corner on the fanaticism market.

One of Bundy’s first questions to the FBI negotiator: “Are you LDS?”   “Latter Day Saints” is how the Mormons refer to themselves.  The negotiator said “no.”


Click here for reporters’ answers to some of the more obvious questions. Much talk about not escalating the situation which appears to mean the occupiers can do whatever they want as long as don’t actually shoot a human.  Menacing and threatening seems to be OK with the FBI, for now.  More concern about bullets being used than what’s already happened to hundreds of federal employees and family members.  None of this is good news for the refuge nor for the wildlife.  Also, lots of evidence that the situation is tearing apart the community with school superintendent saying teachers are fighting over the issue and possible solutions.


  1. I was at the Portland rally. Just wanted to mention that four members of the Burns Paiute tribe made it to Portland for the rally, and one of them was the woman in the gray jacket visible on the right early in the video. Another one of them (a tribal council member) spoke. The refuge used to be the Malheur Indian Reservation, that no longer exists, but most of it never belonged to ranchers at all. And the Paiutes never legally gave up that land. But they are happy with the wildlife refuge being there, they have a voice in managing it, they maintain their sacred sites there, and they have limited hunting and fishing rights there. They want it to continue to be wildlife refuge, the last thing they want is for it to be privatized and given to ranchers and destroyed by cattle. But the Bundys, who say they want to “return” the lands to the “original owners,” think the original owners don’t count if they are an Indian tribe. They also claim to be all about local control, but have no respect for the wishes of the local community, white or Indian, let alone for the well-being of the non-human inhabitants.

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