Posted by: atowhee | January 21, 2016


Hit you on the way out.

One of the Koch Brothers has left the Board of the American Natural History Museum, taking his greed-centered resource exploitation agenda with him.  He’d love to be President Trump’s Secretary of Energy and shut down all solar and wind wind-powered generation he could.

“NEW YORK–Conservative billionaire and oil mogul David H. Koch has resigned from the board of New York’s American Museum of Natural History after having served for 23 years. He gave notice at the December board meeting.

“His departure is a victory for the scientists, climate activists, and museum professionals who have been calling for museums to break ties with Koch and other fossil fuel interests. While the pressure generated by this effort may have been a factor, the museum’s official line is that he simply chose not to renew his seat on the board. According to Koch’s spokesperson he elected to leave the post to prioritize other commitments.

“Regardless of official explanations, it is undeniable that Koch’s board position was the cause of great controversy over the last year. His departure is an important step forward for The Natural History Museum and other groups involved in the rapidly growing #FossilFreeCulture movement that aims to liberate museums and cultural institutions from fossil fuel interests.”


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