Posted by: atowhee | January 19, 2016


An angry, aggressive, vengeful private firm is claiming the names of landmarks at Yosemite National Park and even the name of the park itself. Hopefully a judge who’s not in favor of privatizing everything including your right to use a public toilet will laugh these greedy jerks right out of court.  Bet Justice Scalia can’t wait to get ahold of this one and drive the park service out of the park itself.

Somehow this just fits perfectly with the attempt to wrest control of Malheur Wildlife Refuge away from U.S. Fish and Wildlife and turn it over to big money for complete demolition and exploitation…after all there just isn’t enough money already for those who just want to get richer.  The self-appointed militia must be really dumb to think they and their ilk would have any chance of getting ahold of the Malheur Refuge if the land there had any real commercial value at all.  Maybe the Bundy Gang should try trademarking “Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.”


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