Posted by: atowhee | January 19, 2016


That’s where I’ll be starting January 28.  I will be leading trips and talking about Great Gray Owls at the Goose Festival in Chico.  Targets of the field trips I will be leading are wintering ducks, Sandhill Cranes and raptors.  The wildlife refuges there are still under federal control and the marshlands of the Sacramento River Valley attract millions of wintering birds annually.   Wet and fun.

Click here for the festival website.


  1. Well funny that you should mention the Goose Festival. I am planning to go down on Thursday and thought I would hang out just north of the Sacramento WR to play with the cranes. IT IS A GOOD THING THE FESTIVAL IS NOT THIS WEEK! It is dark, dark, dark here and pouring rain. The wind gusts really could blow me away so I am waiting out the storm. We got almost an inch of rain yesterday and I bet we get half that today. If the cranes are being rained on like this, they will want to take off soon!

    I see you are sold out for the crane field trip. If all goes as planned, I will be staying with friends in Clear Lake the night before so I would not be able to break away and make it by 9 am anyway. I could get up Chico way later that day if you tell me where the cranes are in that area. Maybe you are taking them to the same place I am going.

    I just talked to Gray Lodge. And contrary to what your book says, and is usually right, she said they are not seeing as many cranes at Woodbridge this year. They must all be up near Willows. She told me there may be a couple thousand. “CRANES? ” said I, “cranes” said she. SHE TOLD ME TO GO TO DURHAM OFF MIDWAY RD. (It is just sw of Chico .) She sees them off 99 too, but you of course cannot stop. Sounded like they got the same drenching storm we did this morning. She said it just let up – as it has here.

    Too bad we will miss ea ch other – unless my friends in Clear Lake are out of town. Then I will have to find a place near Chico.

    More later,

    m a

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