Posted by: atowhee | January 12, 2016


The federal agencies in Burns are finally beginning to talk.  Today a Fish & Wildlife Service exec (they manage Malheur in normal times) said they sent federal workers home three days before the occupation began. This interview was on OPB”s radio show, “Think Out Loud”).   If the federal agencies were so sure of trouble coming, why not guard the federal facilities?  Was this a calculated risk to get lure gunners to occupy the federal buildings and thus commit a load of felonies for which they can be prosecuted?  There’s going to be plenty of video.  Keep in mind there have never been any charges filed in the Bundy vs. BLM showdown two years ago in Nevada.  Still “under investigation.”  So the rift between Bundy militia and the feds is deep and unresolved.

Can I raise the issue of who gets to break the law and for how long? Environmental activists who blocked a railroad track and stopped and oil train for eight hours were arrested and are now being tried.  Maybe they should have brought along some armed militia…would the train still be parked?  Doubt it, too much money involved so the law muist be enforced.  Nesting birds?  Pronghorn maybe not so important as a train full of oil.

One federal official is talking on the record, saying that the removal of fences will allow cattle onto formerly protected sections of the refuge and could damage the habitat.  I refer you to me earlier blog containing Edward Abbey’s reffections on cattle and what they do to the western landscape.



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