Posted by: atowhee | January 5, 2016

Malheur Occupation–How Long?

The American Indian occupation of Alcatraz Island lasted about eighteen months.  Again, no  hostages, no threat to public safety.  Finally the occupiers were removed by force in 1971.  Since then under federal jurisdicgtion the island has become a major nesting site for seabirds, herons and gulls.

Here’s update on lack of action at Malheur.

If this occupation continued it may cause cancellation of the annual April bird festival in Burns, and that’ll cost local businesses.  On the other hand motels and cafes will be cleaning up right now on media spending.  In normal times Burns would not be a favorite January destination.  High today is to be 34 with overnight low of 17 degrees predicted.

It is not just the law enforcement agencies that should be worrying the self-appointed militia at Malheur.  They will face the wrath of a large contingent of wildlife loving, conservation supporting activists who will not need to resort to guns or political bombast to make the seditious occupiers wish they had not attacked a beloved wildlife refuge.


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