Posted by: atowhee | December 29, 2015


While the befuddled world of politicians and their media observers may be full of bombast, BS, bumper-stickers and ballistic blather, the popularity polls get lots of undue attention.  In the avian world of hard reality, fact-based survival and adjustment to change and weather we have our own popularity POLE, and it’s about to get some overdue attention:RBN ON POLE1 (1280x960) (1280x960)Red-breasted Nuthatch, a natural adept at hanging onto a vertical stick of wood. The second tail, emerging ghostlike on the left side of the log (in upper image) remains unidentified can’t imagine to which bird that tail belonged?

That white terminal band doesn’t match any bird that appears in our garden so it must be a combo of light and digital tech producing unreality, like a political debate on TV.RBN ON POLE2 (1280x960) (1280x960)Note this species almost has a tail. RBN ON POLE3 (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN ON POLE4 (1280x960) (1280x960)RBN CLEAR1 (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN CLEAR2 (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN CLEAR3 (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN CLEAR4 (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN CLEAR5 (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN CLEAR6 (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN CLEAR7 (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN CLEAR8 (1280x960) (1280x960)RBN REACH (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN REACH2 (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN REACH3 (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN REACH4 (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN REACH5 (1280x960) (1280x960) RBN REACH6 (1280x960) (1280x960)


Here we get good view of the Yellow-rump’s tail feathers. YRW ON POLE1 (1280x960) (1280x960) YRW ON POLE2 (1280x960) (1280x960) YRW ON POLE3 (1280x960) (1280x960) YRW ON POLE4 (1280x960) (1280x960)YRW FLTR (1280x960) (1280x960) YRW FLTR2 (1280x960) (1280x960) YRW ON BENCH (1280x960) (1280x960)YRW ON POLE8 (1280x960) (1280x960) YRW ON POLE7 (1280x960) (1280x960) YRW ON POLE6 (1280x960) (1280x960) YRW ON POLE5 (1280x960) (1280x960)

SONG SPARROW POLES WELLSOS ON POLE-0 (1280x960) (1280x960) SOS ON POLE1 (1280x960) (1280x960) SOS ON POLE2 (1280x960) (1280x960) SOS ON POLE3 (1280x960) (1280x960) SOS ON POLE4 (1280x960) (1280x960) SOS ON POLE5 (1280x960) (1280x960) SOS ON POLE6 (1280x960) (1280x960) SOS ON POLE7 (1280x960) (1280x960) SOS ON POLE8 (1280x960) (1280x960) SOS ON POLE9 (1280x960) (1280x960) SOS ON POLE10 (1280x960) (1280x960)
Other species that use the suet log: Juncos (a lot), woodpeckers (whenever they’re around), Bushtits (which have been absent for two months now), Black-caped Chickadees.  None of them are as adept at the Nuthatch whose sharp talons are made for clutching wooden surfaces.  Other birds like this Song Sparrows do a lot of energy-draining helicoptering for which they are not designed, like the hummingbird is.  The suet is high energy so it mustr pay off in the calorie calculus that is so necessary for winter survival.



  1. I know I am not much of a birder, but when I have seen yellow rumps, I thought they were usually in a flock. Is this guy unusual or am I wrong as usual? m a

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