Posted by: atowhee | December 23, 2015


The white-headed siskin returned to the garden feeders today, at least twice.  This time the bird was tolerated by the other siskins.  Perhaps yesterday he was a newcomer and thus not yet accepted?

WHITEY BACK (1280x960) WHITEY BAK2 WHITEY FRNT (1280x960)In these images taken today we can see the speckled nature of this unusual siskin’s crown. WHITEY FRNT2 (1280x960) WHITEY SIDE (1280x960) WHITEY SIDE2 (1280x960) WHITEY SIDE3 (1280x960) WHITEY SIDE5 (1280x960)Here Whitey does his attack bird act against an intruder on the other end of the feeder. WHITEY THREATENS (1280x960) WHITEY TOPP (1280x960) WHITEYON GRND (1280x960)Winter trees:bare tree don rdwdErosion along North Yamhill River, worse away from the dead blackberry thicket. erodedRed-tail rt--up SIS ON BRD3 (1280x960) SIS ON BRD4 (1280x960)Here we see threatening siskins, wings akimbo. SIS WINGS (1280x960) sIS WINGS2 (1280x960)White-crowned Sparrow, along Mountain Lake Road during brief sun shower:WCS-2 (1280x960)


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