Posted by: atowhee | November 28, 2015


The world’s largest forest fire is still burning.  It is demolishing hundreds of square miles of drought-dried forest in Indonesia.  Here is one clear-eyed if bitter look at the fire and what it is doing. This fire is now the #1 producer of CO2 being released into the atmosphere as the climate talks open in Paris.  Nowhere is there any political will to deal with the fire, fueled by corrupt politics, agribusiness, greed and ignorance.

Of course this is horrible news for orangutan, many bird species, rhinos (not the RINOS that some Republicans despise), leopards and sun bears.

So far these fires have burned over 4 million acres. If you’re doing some calculating, that’s equal to about 70% of the entire state of New Hampshire in size.

Like all “developing” countries cleaqring forest and planting cash crops is encouraged at the national and local level in Indonesia. Throw in the “illegal” forest clearing you have just one more example of humans trashing our only planet for money.

We’ve drones for killing people, how about for putting out forest fires?

Sun-Bear-in-RockSun bear relaxing on a stone seat.


  1. Thank you for sharing this Harry. – Vanya Sloan

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