Posted by: atowhee | November 25, 2015


There were hundrers of Pintails and a handfull of Tundra Swans visible at Baskett Slough today.  But the highlights for me were a Peregrine, and a juvenile Northern Shrike (my first of the season). nosh-a (1280x960) nosh-b (1280x960) NOSH-C (1280x960)Both Peregrine and shrike were along Colville Road, north of Cackler Marsh.  The peregrine was in a bare tree on the south side of Baskett Butte.  The shrike was along Colville Road just east of Taverner’s Marsh.

Ducks at Baskett are now in the thousands, dabblers all except for a concentration of Common Mergansers.  Pintails seem to be the most numerous.

At E. E. Wilson Wildlife area there are many varied Thrush. One attraction for them are the many feral apple trees still bearing fruit at this date.  Some or these are exceptionally tasty…all from trees that have not be trimmed or sprayed for decades.    The trees are remnants of what must have been an orchard or perhaps the landscaping when the area was Fort Adair, an Army training camp during WW2.VATH AT EEW (1280x960)

Predator along Green Valley Road south of Tangent, OR: cat huntz (1280x960)


  1. Hi Harry,

    Happy Thanksgiving. It was 4 degrees in Klamath….. Glad wez been and gone! Grizzly has snow. Just enough to make it an “over the river and through the woods drive to my friends’ house at the base of Grizzly Peak for the holiday.

    I know of an E. O. Wilson. You have an E. E. Wilson too? Maybe my memory is slipping or your fingers are going super fast as us ual.

    Hugs to Kate and you,

    marie annette

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