Posted by: atowhee | November 14, 2015


The Pine Siskins are now here in force, and theyt are forceful.  Aggressive little birds with more fight per ounce than the other seed-eaters.  They will confront large birds like Junco and Spotted Towhee, then they will turn on one another though as many as eight will fit onto our platform feeders at one time.  The adult siskins have bright yellow feathers in their wings; the first year birds are all brown and white, streaky but without any yellow.

Though the siskin count is climbing and now is at least at a dozen, they are still out-numbered by Juncos who arrived during late summer and seem to also keep adding to their numbers.  Gone are the waxwings of yesteryear.  The local fruit trees have all been stripped.

The siskins and juncos seem jumpy so I shot these pics thru a window, thus not very sharp.  The Red-breasted Nuthatch, one of the ones that has been around since we moved here last summer…he’s pretty cocksure and will come to a feeder even if I am only a few feet away.  “Oh, that’s just that slow-moving biped, no threat.”  I once made the mistake of playing Red-breasted Nuthatch calls when I was near a nest hole (which I quickly learned) and the male came out from the tree and attacked me.  Banged onto my hat three times before I got the message.FULL SISKN (1280x960) SIK ON GRND (1280x960) SQRL-A (1280x960) SQRL-B (1280x960) SQRL-C (1280x960)


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