Posted by: atowhee | October 19, 2015


Here is a note from a former Oregonian, now at home in New York State: ” I read your posting and looked at your pileated woodpecker  photos and thought you might be interested in these shots… These birds were in my yard.

“I am a transplanted Oregonian living in Woodstock, NY. Lived in the Beaver State for 50+ yrs and have been in NY for about 20 yrs and return to Oregon a couple  of times a year.   Started birding when I was in college (PSU) having been introduced to it by my Graduate School Advisor, Dick Forbes.  Pileateds, Hairys, Downys and Red-bellieds are residents and seen almost daily in my yard, 2 acres surrounded by about 20 wooded acres.  Hurricane Sandy took down about 30 trees on my property which has really increased the WP activity here. All of these photos were taken from my deck and the birds were as close as 20’ from me.
All 4 of these species are seen here almost daily. Northern Flickers and Yellow-bellied sapsuckers also nest on my property or the adjacent properties every year…
…gene mcgarry
        Woodstock, NY”
Here are some of Gene’s close-ups of the big guys.

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